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Questions Everyone Should Ask Re Hunter Biden Laptop and FBI Raid on Trump Home at Mar-a-Lago
September 1, 2022

Iron Lady -- Iron Man  Aug. 16, 2022.

Jill & Joe Biden Celebrate FBI Raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago. (8-11-2022)

Trump Acts Decisively in Response to Biden's Ineptitude Regarding the Still-Ongoing Baby-Formula-Shortage CRISIS, But Is the Solution "Baby Formula NSFW"?  (8-6-2022)

. 2022 Reprise of a Tribute to Our Troops:  (7-4-2022).


On D-Day our thoughts are on Normandy's shores where thousands gave all bringing freedom ashore.·(6-6-2022)


Memorial Weekend May 27-29, 2022 & Memorial Day May 30, 2022.


Assertions of Freedom are "Provocative" ONLY to Tyrants.  (3-15-2022)

Sudetenland Invasion of Ukraine by Putin.  (Feb. 2022)

Christmas 2021 Reprise of a 2007 Post.

 American Thanksgiving Tribute To Troops. (Nov. 2021)

Veterans Day-- Nov. 11, 2021 (11th Hour of 11th Day of 11th Month). (11-21-2021)

.George W. Bush and Donald Trump Condemn Domestic Violence Defiling Symbols of America.. (9-13-2021)

.September 11, 2021 -- A Day for Remembering the Last 20 Years Accurately.

.Mark Levin re Afghanistan re Those-Left-Behind. (9-2-2021)

.Afghanistan: Crenshaw-Reagan-JFK Realism Versus WOKE GroupThink and Anti-NeoCon GroupThink . (8-17-2021)

.July 4, 2021 Reprise of a Tribute to Our Troops:  (7-4-2021).

.Columbo Investigates Origin of CoronaVirus. (6-29-2021)


VP Kamala Harris Visits Border to Learn Root Cause of Border Crisis.  (6-24-2021)

Tech Giants & Legacy Media Provide Those Who Are WOKE with Heard Immunity from UnWOKEness.

(6-18- 2021)

Memorial Day Memorial Day -- May 31, 2020-- (and Memorial Weekend May 28-31, 2020).


Well-Health-Safety-Seal WOKEness in the WOKELAG.  (4-9-2021)

.Dr. Fauci Replaces Dr. Seuss.  (March 24, 2021)

Nancy Pelosi Says "Open Biden". (March 7, 2021)

Thank-You President Trump for the Warp Speed Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus a.k.a. China Virus, Which the Left Calls "Covid-19.".  (2-20-2021)

Rush Limbaugh WAS "Equal Time"  (2-20-2021 for 2-17-2021)

Why the Ratings Are Soaring for NewsMaxTV's Wake-Up America Program Each Morning with Rob Finnerty & Rachel Rollar.  (1-29-2021)

To Fellow Disdainers of Trump The Man:  Vote FOR Trump the President and For a Republican Senate AND House -- The Stakes are Way Too High to Do Otherwise.  (11-2-2020)

July 4, 2020 Reprise of a Tribute to Our Troops.

Remembering D-Day, the Sixth of June, 1944:  

Memorial Day May 25, 2020-- (and Memorial Weekend May 22-25, 2020).

In War on Corona Virus (aka CoVid-19 aka CCP-Wuhan Virus)I, Far UV aka Far UVC aka Far UV Light beats 6 feet apart (as social distancing) and also beats masks, gloves, liquid sanitizers, disinfectants, vaccinations, shutdowns, lockdowns, contact-tracing, governmental surveillance, etc.  (5-10-2021)

African Queen Sequel-- Trump Navigates Scarf Queen Back to Civilization .(4-28-2020)

Michael Bloomberg on Guns:

 A Premature Eulogy For Rush Limbaugh re Equal Time and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  February 8, 2020 (re State of the Union Address on 02-04-2020):

GroundHog Day Impeachment-Acquittal-- Recycle-- 02-05-2020-Et. Seq. February 5, 2020:

Adam Schiff's Gordian Knot of Impeachment.  (1-30-2020)

Adam Schiff as Impeachment Manager Explains How President Trump Proves His Guilt in Contrast to How Hillary Clinton Proved Her Innocence.  (1-22-2020)

Smart Women-- No-Kids by Choice; Dumb Women (like Megyn Kelly) Choose Motherhood.



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Tribute to Our Troops:

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