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Nebraska State Senator Machaela-Cavanaugh Chant for Trans People Awakens Broad Demand for XX Chromosome Antidote.

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

The chant for trans people on the floor of the Nebraska Senate by Nebraska State Senator Machael-Cavanaugh on May 20, 2023, inspired this video:

Machaela-Cavanaugh Awakens Broad 
Demands for XX Chromosome Antidote

Larger versions of the above satirical video, scroll down or click here.  

Also, for a fascinating (and suitably sympathetic) biographical article about Caroline Cossey, a person born as an XY Chromosome male having transitioned in adulthood (via top and bottom physical surgery) to a woman (except, of course, for XX capabilities for pregnancy and child-bearing), click here or here (in the WayBack Machine archives).  Of course, absent such deviations from the normal structure/function of XX and XY chromosomes involving self-perception occurring only in an extremely small percentage of humans, the human race as it exists today could not have evolved.  Just as it's unscientific to contend that such deviations cannot occur innately (i.e., via nature not nurture), it's likewise unscientific and anthropologically  absurd to contend it's simply nurture rather than nature (i.e., that parents must "support" any XX chromosome child's pre-pubescent expression of a desire to be a "boy" or any XY chromosome child's expression of a desire to be a "girl").  Given what's scientifically known about the ups and downs of the vast, vast majority of children's transitions from childhood through puberty, for government to seek to impose such duties of "support" upon parents would be totalitarian in the extreme.  But societal duties to be tolerant towards adults who've made such transitions do not include (or impose) duties for parents to advocate or support transitioned adults and/or governmental agencies advocating or seeking to influence children into seeking to transition without support of, or over objection of, their parents.  Parents aren't perfect, but with respect to the particular welfare of particular children, government is vastly further from "perfect" than are the vastly overwhelming majority of parents.




Larger Size Videos:


Machaela-Cavanaugh Awakens Broad 
Demands for XX Chromosome Antidote



Machaela-Cavanaugh Awakens Broad 
Demands for XX Chromosome Antidote


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