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 Thank-You President Trump for the Warp Speed Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus a.k.a. China Virus, Which the Left Calls "Covid-19.".

February 20, 2021:

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

Having received a vaccine today against the Wuhan Virus a.k.a. the China Virus (which -- out of blind hatred for you -- the Left calls "Covid-19) as a result of YOUR having designed Operation Warp Speed for creation and production of such vaccine despite the entire Trump-Hating Left and the entire Trump-Hating Democrat Party having smugly claimed it could not be done and that you were lying to claim that it could AND despite Pfizer having deliberately chosen to announce its readiness a few days after the election on November 2, 2020, and even though those same politically-correct, Trump-Hating Leftists and Trump-Hating Democrats (I repeat myself) nevertheless refer to two recent strains of the "Covid 19" virus as the "British Strain" and the "South Africa Strain" (and we're sure they'll soon be talking about a "Russian Strain" or "Trump-Putin Strain" or a "Florida Strain" or perhaps even a "Red State Strain" or "Republican Strain"), I thank you, President Trump for having done what all the experts smugly said you couldn't do.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor@PoliticalXray.Com






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