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Questions Everyone Should Ask Re Hunter Biden Laptop and FBI Raid on Trump Home in 2022.

(1) Do we not now know that many months before the October, , NY Post report on the Hunter Biden laptop (hereafter, the "HB-Laptop"), it was in the possession of the FBI?

(2) Do we not now know that one or more persons operating in the upper-echelon of the FBI (hereafter, "FBI Upper-Ops") knew the HB-Laptop to be genuine and that it contained evidence of activities by Hunter Biden with persons in positions of influence in Russia, Ukraine and China that not only implicated Hunter Biden in wrongdoing but also at least potentially, if not explicitly and overtly, implicated Joe Biden as a covert beneficiary of operatives acting on behalf of Russia, Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party?

(3  Do we not now know that in October, 2020, FBI Upper-Ops understood that for knowledge of the existence and genuineness of the HB-Laptop to become public would hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump on the 2020 election?

(4) Do we not now know that in October, 2020, FBI Upper-Ops learned that the NY Post was on the verge of publishing what the FBI Upper-Ops knew to be truthful reports on the HB Laptop?

(5) Do we not now know  that at that time, the FBI Upper-Ops knew the source for the imminent NY Post report was the same source that had many months earlier provided the HB Laptop to the FBI for investigation?

(6) Do we not now know   that at that time, the FBI Upper-Ops knew the NY Post's source would certainly state (a) that he had furnished the HB Laptop to the FBI "long ago" and (b) that the FBI had never thereafter followed-up with him on the matter.

(7) Do we not now know   that in October, 2020, FBI Upper-Ops understood that unless such NY Post report could be discredited, it would hurt the reputation of the FBI and also hurt Biden and help Trump?

(6) Do we not now know   that when the FBI Upper-Ops perceived such report by the NY Post to be imminent, the FBI Upper-Ops dispatched one or more FBI agents (who might have been dupes of the FBI Upper-Ops) to contact the leadership of large social media organizations (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for the purpose of predicting and discrediting in advance, what such agents would characterize as imminent "Russian propaganda." 

(7) Do we not now know   that at that same time, the FBI Upper-Ops contacted a large number of "former intelligence officials" and persuaded them to be prepared to denounce any report about the HB Laptop as "Russian Propaganda" designed to hurt Biden and help Trump even though the FBI Upper-Ops knew such report would be true rather than "Russian Propaganda"?

(8) Do we not now know   that the FBI Upper-Ops plan succeeded in totally discrediting the NY Post report on the HB Laptop in the minds of virtually all voters (except Trump voters) until long after the 2020 election?

(9) Do we not now know that the FBI Upper-Ops had known all along that the HB Laptop report was true?

(10) Do we not now know from reliable polls that absent the HB Laptop having been discredited as "Russian propaganda" or "Russian disinformation", enough people who voted for Biden would have either not voted for him or would have voted for Trump, in which case Trump could have been (indeed would likely have been) reelected?

(11) Do we not now know that such FBI Upper-Ops thereby  criminally interfered with the 2020 election and that it would be utter speculation to say that such interference "wouldn't have been enough to affect the outcome"?  Stated differently, would not such information have been potentially sufficient to persuade a number of state legislatures that the election results officially reported to them were the fruits of such criminal interference?

(12) Do we not now know that thus far, no one in the FBI has been exposed, demoted, or fired for such criminal interference (other than, arguably, the sudden departureFn01 from the FBI by Special Agent Timothy Thibault on Aug. 29, 2022, as a result of information from FBI whistleblowers revealed by Republican Senator Charles Grassley and Republican Representative Jim Jordan)?

(13) Do we not now know that such FBI Upper-Ops remain in their positions as Upper-Ops?

(14) Do we not now know it's a virtual certainty that the same-such FBI Upper-Ops were behind the search-warrant affidavit for the FBI raid on Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago?

(15) Do we not now know that if Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray were to be the objective, non-political "public servants" they claim to be, then instead of our having recently witnessed the FBI early-morning raid on Trump's home, we would instead have already long-ago witnessed early-morning FBI raids and arrests at the homes of the FBI Upper-Ops?

(16) Is it not reasonably likely that the real reason the FBI Upper-Ops and Attorney General Merrick Garland staged the FBI raid on Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago was that they feared (if not knew) that among the documents being retained by Trump were FBI and DOJ documents that implicate the FBI Upper-Ops in their criminal weaponization of the FBI and DOJ against political opponents of Joe Biden (and against political opponents of the now-dominant left-wing of the Democrat Party)?


Footnote 01:  Re FBI Special Agent Timothy Thibault (perhaps one of the FBI Upper-Ops?), see NY Post here or here and see Washington Times here or here.  (Use your back button to go-back to where you were.)

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

August 31, 2022

Link:  Questions-Everyone-Should-Ask-Re-Hunter-Biden-Laptop-and-FBI-Raid-on-Trump-Home-in-2022.



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