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 George W. Bush and Donald Trump Condemn Domestic Violence Defiling Symbols of America..

September 13, 2021:

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

At the 9-11 Ceremony on September 11, 2021, in Shanksville, George W. Bush generally condemned recent domestic violence defiling symbols of America.  On January 7, 2021, Donald Trump specifically condemned the January 6, 2021 Capitol-riot domestic violence "defiling" a particular symbol of America:

George W Bush & Donald Trump Condemn Domestic Violence


 George W. Bush Speech re 9-11 at Shanksville 
9-11-2021 Generally Condemning Domestic Violence



 Donald Trump Speech on 1-7-2021 
Specifically Condemning 1-6 Capitol Riot


(YouTube version of above video of Trump)







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