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 Afghanistan: Crenshaw-Reagan-JFK Realism Versus WOKE GroupThink and Anti-NeoCon GroupThink .

August 17, 2021:

By Jim Wrenn, Editor, PoliticalXray.Com a.k.a. PoliSat.Com 

To the WOKE Mob (we all know who they are) and the Anti-NeoCon Mob (Tucker Carlson01, Laura Ingram02 and the rest of the "no-endless-wars" sloganeers) (e tu Gutfeld!03???):  

President Joe Biden's precipitous and reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan instantaneously converted into a cataclysmic failure what had been our nearly twenty years of success in keeping Islamic-Fanaticism on its heels in Afghanistan to a degree sufficient to prevent such fanatics from accomplishing their still-held goals to launch more attacks on the United States comparable in scope to the 9-11 attack.  Biden speciously claims he was merely following a path virtually set in stone by President Trump, who had set an earlier deadline (May, 2021) for such departure.  Trump, and leaders who served in his administration, say that during the interval between the 2020 Election and the present, the Taliban had violated numerous elements of Trump's requirements for implementation of such policy and that, therefore, Trump would not have done what Biden just did.  But even it were to be assumed, arguendo, that Trump would not have implemented the plan he'd already made and and would instead have continued leaving the small force to which he had reduced our presence (after also having forced the Afghan government to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners), such action by Trump may well have yielded a similar catastrophe. 

Dan Crenshaw explained it best in two separate interviews in the immediate wake of Biden's catastrophic decision.  Assuming you're not a millennial without material historical knowledge and without sufficient attention-span, watch these two lengthy interviews of Crenshaw.  One is on Fox & Friends and the other is on CNN:

For the Fox & Friends interview, click here

If the link above doesn't work, watch the 
screen-captured version embedded immediately below:


 The CNN interview, click here.

If the link above doesn't work, watch the 
screen-captured version embedded immediately below:



Regarding Reagan's recognition of totalitarianism's endless-war against liberty, see watch the video below with special attention to the middle segment in which Reagan focuses on Poland's rebellion against socialistic/communistic totalitarianism's endless war against liberty:



August 19, 2021 Update:

And never forget President John F. Kennedy's Inauguration speech:


President John F. Kennedy
Bear Any Burden to 
Assure Survival of Liberty
(Inauguration Speech Jan-1961




Despite Tucker Carlson's many fine qualities and many astute insights into a broad range of issues pertaining to liberty, free speech, "smugness and groupthink," he seems to wholly lack any meaningful degree of introspective recognition of his blind hatred towards "NeoCons" (which goes all the way back to 2001) or the non-commonsensical nature of his isolationist libertarianism (in contrast to NeoCons' strong-military foreign policy based on principles recognized by Ronald Reagan and Bush 43) -- i.e., that totalitarianism is waging an "endless war" against liberty and that Liberty exemplified by the United States Constitution cannot survive as a passive island of liberty in an ocean of totalitarianism.  (On this issue, both Reagan and Bush 43 were right:  Whether we like it or not, totalitarianism has been, is, and will indefinitely continue, waging endless war against liberty regardless of whether such totalitarianism is of the communistic/Marxist/socialistic variety on which Reagan focused or the Islamic-fanaticism variety on which Bush 43 focused in the wake of 9-11.)  NeoCons understand this.  Anti-NeoCons (like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham) ignore the reality of totalitarianism' s endless war against liberty.

Once an admirer of a NeoCon-style strong-military foreign policy, a few years ago Laura Ingraham seemed to reject it and instead embraced isolationist libertarianism and began regularly chanting the "no-endless-wars" slogan.

Despite my high opinion of Greg Gutfeld's rigorous intellect and excellent political insights and judgment across a broad range of issues, I'm disappointed that in his first-blush reaction to the unfolding calamity in Afghanistan a few days ago, he seemed to be on the verge of mouthing the "no-endless-wars" sloganeering.  It was depressing.  However, since then, he's done what few in the media are willing to do:  Reevaluate the issues.  Consequently, he seems to have grasped the essence of the realistically correct view expressed by Dan Crenshaw.  That's encouraging. 



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